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October, 2019

CASE STUDY: “Kiki” - A Five Element Miracle

Kiki came to see me about five years ago, at the age of 47, with so many physical problems they took my breath away!

A history of chronic kidney infections since childhood, along with persistent sluggishness and brain fog; with little or no diagnostic criteria to explain these symptoms, depressed her terribly. The ultimate symptom which caused a psychic and physical collapse evolved into debilitating inflammation and pain in her knees and joints. Whereas she had previously been athletic and able to exercise daily, most days saw this previously vibrant woman bedridden.

Kiki became more depressed after two years of seeing both Western Doctors, nutritionists, alternative practitioners, acupuncturists, and just about every type of healer imaginable, without any explanation of her deteriorating condition.

Thinking a trip with friends would help cheer her up, she went to Europe for “fun.” The travel almost – in her words – killed her. Jet lag was so severe she was bedridden for weeks upon her return.

Several months after this trip, she was ultimately to be diagnosed with a sudden onset of Grave’s Syndrome, having a resting heart rate of 125, tremors, shaking, sweating, weight gain (opposite the norm), and a panoply of staggering and upsetting symptoms.
She was treated with major pharmaceuticals, became sluggish, depressed, unable to work, yet was able to eventually wean herself from the strong meds she had been prescribed. After a time, her symptoms abated.

Yet a few years after this autoimmune episode, Kiki was to collapse completely in adrenal failure and physical exhaustion. This caused her to sleep between 14-16 hours per day. Within one month, she was barely functioning. She described herself as having true suicidal ideation.

It was in this state that Kiki found me. She could barely put her words together. She had huge bags under her eyes. She had a strange speech pattern, was defensive, had a hard time reflecting back what had been said to her, and was extremely oppositional. She said she was training to become a therapist.

I must say, I was overwhelmed by her history. Each report of one of her conditions was ‘off the charts.” She had been treated terribly; often dismissed as a hypochondriac or worse; a hysteric. What was so puzzling to me was the fact that her blood work did not support her illnesses. In other words, she seemed “fine” according to the clinical testing, but anyone who knew energy medicine only had to look at her to see how ill she truly was.

The first thing I did was test her meridians. She had literally no strength anywhere. She was massively homolateral. Her chakras were non-existent. I could not get any system to strengthen.

She told me she could not – absolutely COULD NOT – get out of bed before 10:00 a.m. She described this deep, almost drugged sleep which would come over her between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the morning. She could not get out of bed!
Ah!! I had my first clue as to how to work with Kiki. The Five Elements! And the rhythms of the Meridian Wheel!

The hours between 7a.m.and 9 a.m. are when STOMACH energies are at their lowest peak. Since this was when Kiki could not get out of bed, I knew to look to the opposite time on the wheel. The hours of 7 p.m. -9 p.m. are when CIRCULATION SEX is at its’ peak. So, I started to work on Kiki’s CX energies.

Strengthening these energies led us to work on Kiki’s hormones, as she was peri-menopausal, something we discovered through further testing. Kiki’s sleep improved, her stamina improved, and we then tackled TRIPLE WARMER AND SPLEEN.

The big challenge was KIDNEY. Since Kiki had this unusual way of talking and thinking when I first met her, I feared her SPLEEN and KIDNEY energies were compromised. As SPLEEN governs thought, and KIDNEY associates with fear, I listened week after week as Kiki spoke. Her sessions with me took on a different way of working: we spoke for about half an hour, then I put her on the table for 45 minutes. I had to be careful not to work on her too much, as working on someone with Autoimmune issues can sometimes trigger a cascade of symptoms.

She sounded sometimes like her brain and thoughts were on opposite ends of a spectrum. I feared a disease such as MS. MS, as an autoimmune illness, sometimes looks to me like a sticky blood condition in the head. It is strange. I cannot explain it better than that. It looked as if Kiki had sticky blood in her head. (I am guessing this is a psychic impression I ‘see’ sometimes of the myelin sheath? I have no idea, but it has been accurate more than once…).

Eventually, and this took some time, we were to have SPLEEN streaming smoothly. However, Kiki’s tendency to be able to use her energies to compensate and muscle through just about anything, caused me to see her YIN energies change and quickly weaken; often soon after these energies had been strengthened, only to be followed by the same dance occurring with YANG energies. I turned to the STARFISH control technique, which worked splendidly.

Sometimes, when someone has had to maintain a vigilance in their lives, for one reason or another, they just won’t give up control to anyone – not even someone who is helping them. So, I worked “underneath.” I did one thing, pretending to do another. I did what I call a body-psychotherapy on Kiki. Her body slowly revealed where we needed to work, and process allowed healing to occur. It took a LONG TIME.

We continued our work on SPLEEN AND KIDNEY and Kiki eventually took every suggestion I gave her. Diet, exercise, EM exercises. She was very compliant. She badly wanted to heal at the physical level.

She came to see me each week, often twice weekly. Eventually her GRID energies showed up. She was not a client who would allow GRID work, no matter how much we wanted to put her GRID back in place. This woman was very traumatized throughout her life, and her GRID was most definitely out, but trying to put a GRID back in place with someone this defended would be like teaching a cat to bark. It would not happen.

However, her CLOACCAL energies were interesting to work with, mostly because they ended up taking dominance over the grid patterns anyway. I ended up working with them for several months, and we made enormous progress in her patterns of held trauma in the body.

I balanced ELECTRICS at almost each session for months.

After these energies began to be balanced, over time, and with Kiki’s dedicated weekly visits and her DEDICATED WORK AT HOME WITH THE DAILY ENERGY ROUTINE, more and more immune imbalances were discovered. Eventually, her strange speech patterns remitted. She was able to finish graduate school and did so with alacrity.

Her inconsistent physical stamina was still an issue and I felt strongly that Kiki had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune illness that wreaks havoc with the thyroid. It is very difficult to balance with energy medicine, and this difficulty, in my opinion, is exacerbated when a woman’s hormones are out of balance.

I also intuited (and this was just a guess, but a strong one), that Kiki had Lyme Disease. I have long allowed my intuition to guide me in my sessions, and I speak what I “see” – often asking my client to go to a medical doctor to rule out any possibility of a serious disease.

I eventually asked Kiki to see an open and more alternative physician in Los Angeles who tested her thoroughly and found markers for Lyme Disease, something Kiki had been plagued with for many years.

This Doctor was able to prescribe a round of medicine for Kiki, both for her thyroid and for her Lyme Disease. This, coupled with our work together, has brought this client to a place of unbelievable wellness.

Two months ago, Kiki went to Greece for two weeks. She was terrified to travel, after her previous trip to Europe had left her incapacitated from jet lag.

Kiki came back from Greece, looking better than I had ever seen her. Not only did she have NO jet lag, she had been swimming in the Aegean each day for miles. I said, miles! Her physical stamina had returned to a point of absolute unbelievability! She was sunburned, robust and happy. Her joie de vivre has returned for good, and her physical stamina has remained stable for the last two months.

Kiki does have fatigue and brain fog from time to time. She is a now a brilliant therapist and is smack dab in the middle of menopause. Sometimes I laugh when she reports that these symptoms are the only ones she suffers now! (I laugh only because so many woman suffer many debilitating symptoms from menopause, many more severe sometimes than Kiki’s).
Kiki continues to see me weekly. She is someone who needs weekly maintenance as her physical and etheric body goes back to old habits very quickly. She was a mass of compensations, and mostly these were spiritual and psychological defenses, all too lengthy and intricate to report here.

I am grateful beyond reason to have such a motivated client and friend, because none of this would work without her involvement and cooperation in keeping up her Daily Energy Routine.

Kiki is off her meds, save for an almost homeopathic does of thyroid meds. She now sleeps a regular schedule, has fulfilling and financially rewarding work, and she exercises daily. She has a slow metabolism, and it is easy for her to return to a stagnation in her body/mind, but my – ahem- tendency to remind her rather vehemently about her need to WALK! WALK! WALK! daily to keep up her heart and metabolic rate describes another amazing fact about Kiki: she wants to be compliant. She wants to remain well. She does what I say😊

Her stamina is better. Each- and -every- one of her autoimmune illnesses are in remission, and I say that with certainty.
Her brain is intact, she is funny, wickedly intelligent, and just plain fun.

Healing isn’t always about cure, but in this case, I believe Kiki is not only cured, she is healed as well.

Gopita Katharine Manning, October, 2019

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