January/February, 2022

Crossover Patterns in Energy Medicine

A few years ago, a woman came to see me for many health issues. When she walked into my office (this was pre-Covid), I literally gasped. It was as if I could see into her body, and she had lines of a highway on either side of her. There was a gaping emptiness in her middle. She described fear, paranoia, and many, many physical health issues.

I immediately knew the first thing we had to do was to establish some crossover patterns in her field. It almost seemed as if she was blowing apart, laterally!!

She had had several operations in her neck, thyroid area, chest area, and for some reason, protected these areas as if her life depended on it! She described great trauma with each surgery.

We had a great deal to do!

I began with homolateral repatterning. I could see that nothing would be possible without getting her inner physician to establish residence, and it took several sessions to teach this to her. The resistance in her being, mentally and physically, was astounding. She just couldn’t get it. She wanted to get it, but her system was so used to protecting her and keeping her in a homolateral pattern (e.g. with only 50% of her body’s energies available to her for healing), it was difficult to get her Triple Warmer to trust anything.

We had to tame her Triple Warmer, another task in and of itself. She made a habit of flushing and tracing TW and doing the TW SMOOTHIE whenever she felt she needed it. She has made a habit of SEDATING TW every day for a long time.

This woman became a great success story, but the work mostly consisted in her ability to do the DAILY ENERGY ROUTINE 4 X every day, the BELT FLOW daily, and mostly to do anything at all which created figure eight patterns in and around her body.
I explained to her that everything in her body, in her blood, in her DNA itself, down to the most infinitesimal quanta phenomena, consisted of figure eights. Everything crossed over itself.

One of the exercises she found the most beneficial and one she could do anywhere (except driving!) was to trace figure eights in front of her eyes. She began small and eventually got bigger and bigger. This not only helped her with her eyes, but it also helped with her sinuses. And what it started to do for her overall health became profound.

Crossover is a natural pattern of almost all our energies. Our DNA is a spiraling double helix which digs down into our bloodstream and spins out into our auric field. When we dance to the Celtic Weave and move to that which creates figure eight patterns as an exercise, we are in a sense complementing the great creator. It is a difficult fight to maintain resistance to the natural state of abundant health.

It wasn’t easy with this client, who became a friend. Her body/mind put up a great deal of resistance. She became ill, depressed, and listless after doing the exercises for a few weeks. This was a difficult healing crisis and she wanted to quit. I had a bit of a tremble at one point but remembered how big the “hole” I had seen in her “landscape” at first, and how different she was looking and how strong her energies were testing in later sessions.

So, we persevered. And the results were a healing beyond anything either of us had envisioned.

I saw this woman last month. She is “filled in.” That is the only way I can describe her. There was no hole in the middle of her being, no highway, no homolateral patterning!

I asked her how she felt, and she said: “I never imagined health at this level. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”
And then she added: “If I miss more than one day of my ENERGY ROUTINE, I start tripping, messing up my words, and I know it’s time to get back on it!”

She is the poster child for crossover patterning and its’ success. I think I’ll figure eight my eyes now….

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