July, 2016

Even Amidst Chaos, the Universe is Kind

I was walking this morning and snapped this photo with my iPhone. This plant grew in a cement crack on the sidewalk near my home. Who waters it? Who cares for it, especially in this drought?

The same force and power that waters this plant, waters me. And I am in perfect balance, though I may not look as perfect as this plant.

We are heading into the fifth year of the most severe drought in history in Southern California. Any primer in spirituality teaches us that the outside mirrors the inside, or what is seen above is seen below. What is inside is seen outside. Or, as my teacher told me: “The world is as you see it.”

This severe aridity, this drought, this unsettled condition in what we call the globe, is it truly mirroring our xenophobic and dried out hearts? Or is this green and abundant cabbage plant I keep seeing what is real?


So, when we heard the unsettling news on Friday about BREXIT, and when Donald Trump stood in his Officious idiocy on Scottish soil, saying, and I quote: “Good for YOU PEOPLE taking your country back!”, I realized he was too stupid to know Scotland was separate from England and had voted to REMAIN in the EU.

As I watched the television with my mouth agape, I laughed as tweets from Scots came in, saying in interesting literacy as only sarcastic, witty, and most fed up people could say:

“We voted to REMAIN, you apricot mangled hell beast!”

“You have no clue what goes on in this world, you weapon’s grade plum!”

"You clueless numpty!”

“You bloviating pig flesh!”

And on and on… And while the writer in me exulted in the fluency of these unflattering monikers, I also watched the statistics on the people in Britain who voted to leave the EU: uneducated, white males, or, as they are called in Europe, “Little Trumps.” And they dominate.

So, what we seem to have, in predominance, are scared, uneducated people. These people seem to believe that leaving the EU will do something to prevent and control immigration. This is the same kind of narrow thinking apparent in the very minds they abhor, for it is sadly shocking to note that radical Muslims take their own Holy book, the Koran, at face value.

This very holy book has presumably convinced young, uneducated males that they are promised 72 virgins in heaven if they abstain from sex (thereby causing their pent up sexual energy to flop out sideways in homicidal rage) and kill infidels. However, the Koran says nothing about virgins. The translation of the word used deliberately and incorrectly is: raisin.

Is it possible that our new World Order will not be about the ideological Left and Right, but the very real Open and Closed? We need to listen and balance our own hearts and minds, focusing on the green cabbage plants in the sidewalk. It may be interesting to pay attention to hebetudinous clods who rant and rave and demand negative attention, but it is more interesting to keep our hearts and minds sacred and “watered” by NOT listening to these clods. It is interesting to remember that there is a force in this apparent world that is beneficent and kind and is always taking care of us if we turn towards it and notice. Actually, it is kind and benevolent whether we notice or not.

The Universe is kind. Noticing and remembering perhaps will take a little more effort right now. Perhaps it is time to up our meditation practice. Perhaps it is time for more random acts of kindness. It is always time to question our stressful thoughts.

When was the last time you knocked on a neighbor’s door and asked them if they needed anything? Who does that, you ask!? Well, why not you?

Turn this so-called chaotic time around and find the true stability which always exists in your heart and mind. I like to call it God.

And let me know how it turns out.

Much love, Gopita

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