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Energy Medicine Case Study:
High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and a Case of Spiritual Healing

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Gopita Katharine Manning, M.A., M.S.W.

Fritz Varga presented with hypertension, a troubled marriage, high blood pressure, very elevated blood sugar, digestive disorders, and a tendency to believe he was inheriting his family's disorders and congenital illnesses. He was, in his words, "falling apart." He was 67 years old, and was doomed, he felt, to become ill.

He had grown up in Communist Hungary, and even though I assured him that his constitution and energies were of a strong nature and could be re-vitalized, he appeared quite depressed. He would not admit this, as he was used to controlling things, "muscling through," being a success and forging through his life.

After testing his meridians, I found that several of his meridians were frozen or submerged. He had very little energy running through his kidney meridian. I began flushing and tracing and holding his kidney points. I particularly saw that his liver energies and chi were blocked. He was, in terms of Five Element terminology, a very "stuck wood". He told me he was doing hours of daily Tai Chi just to manage his anger and to 'de-stress.'

Fritz was very motivated and I taught him the Daily Energy Routine and asked him to continue doing everything he was doing, but to add this routine first.

Within days, Fritz called me and told me he had seen a big improvement in his energies. His wife came for a session soon, and both Fritz and his wife became clients and started attending Workshops and seminars.

In a very short time, Fritz came to see me with some very good news indeed! His blood pressure was normal, his blood sugar was normal, and he looked, quite honestly, like he had become at least ten years younger. I have seen people soften and become lighter looking, but Fritz actually looked as if something had completely given way, and he was a vulnerable, sweetheart of a man, not at all intimidating, and always with a bit of a tear in his eye and a sweetness in his voice. He was filled with happiness and joy, whereas before he was tight and controlled and appeared angry. His wife had been afraid of him.

Fritz informed me on his last visit that: "when you put your hands on my head, something changed…"

I had interpreted to Fritz that I thought perhaps he had been going through an archetypal pattern some called a 'dark night of the soul'. Often these trials and tribulations took the form of physical problems, I explained, but his tenacity and willingness and devotion to his energy/spiritual practice would and should pull him through. In terms of the Five Elements, this might be called the end of the Metal Cycle, or the Shaman's Death.

Fritz was having a very profound spiritual emergence, in my opinion, and I likened some of his movements of energy to a Kundalini awakening, exacerbated and aided because of his hours of Tai Chi daily practice.

I had asked Fritz to back off some of his Tai Chi and breathing practices, because sometimes wood element people need to try LESS hard. He actually took my advice, something almost unheard of for Wood element people who are out of balance!!

At any rate, I believe this gentle giant has had a true spiritual awakening. My last session with Fritz had indeed consisted mostly of a neurovascular treatment – I particularly held his frontal eminence points for about fifteen minutes. I had also hooked up his power point and third eye, and perceived figure 8's almost galloping up his spine.

I consider Fritz one of my biggest success stories. Not just because his blood panel levels and blood pressure cuff's show such drastic changes, but because he is a perfect example of someone willing enough to do the Daily Energy Routine.

My clientele tends to consist of people who are having spiritual experiences manifesting in a variety of ways. I have noticed that the physical can be a small part of this manifestation, albeit one of the most important, as often this is the only experience loud enough to get our attention.

Thank you, FV, for allowing me the honor of facilitating a true healing – a healing wherein all aspects of your being became congruent and aligned. This occurrence is not so rare, but it does require the willingness and effort on the part of both the client and the healer, and I thank you for your absolute effort and willingness to do more than your part.

Gopita Katharine Manning, March 5, 2010

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