November, 2022


Two men had their skulls shattered.

One woman had her eyes ripped from her head.

Another had his lungs explode.

A macabre horror movie? Revenge slaughters?

These atrocities were visited upon healthy young athletes and were caused by SOUND.
Several years ago, at the Dyatlov pass in a mountain range in Japan, thirteen experienced hikers were crossing into Russia in a snowstorm and decided to stop and camp for the night on the side of a ledge.

That night, a horrendous, shrieking wind descended upon the group. All were killed. Before their deaths, each had become disoriented, and this disorientation eventually led to psychosis. This psychosis forced them out into the freezing cold, several of them naked, and they were killed in these horrendous ways. No one survived.

No one escaped.

Infrasound, as this phenomenon is called, is something to which most of us are exposed daily. Airplanes, computer “hums,” computer farms, machinery, and most especially, the gas blowers from your gardeners, emit the low frequency vibrations that can destroy our nervous systems, ruin our liver and kidneys, and eventually, cause complete demise. Unborn children are seriously compromised.

We can hear between 2-6 Hz. Infrasound measures between 6-16 Hz. This is deadly. That means we cannot hear what is killing us.

Couple this assault with the “normal” assault of “muzak”, ping from your phones and computers, elevator music, music in buildings your own televisions blaring, and the rap music with the bass cacophony underpinning for most of the beat – well, is it any wonder we are unhappy, depressed, and addicted?

Listen to silence. Go to the well of silence. Turn off as much distraction as possible.

Meditate. Breathe.

We cannot escape infrasound. But we can escape the other, constant noise of supermarket music (tell the manager to turn it down!), keep your home silent and calm, and turn your computer and phone’s audio off. It is possible to use these devices with the audio turned to “off.”

The only chance we have – literally, the only chance we have – is to attempt to continually calm our nervous systems by turning off the noise. We can then entrain to what is benevolent and kind, the beating of the large heart of the Universe. This is always available to us if we get quiet enough to hear it.

Love, Gopita

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