September 2018

Magnets for Healing Broken Bones (My Personal Story)

Seven months ago, I woke up in such astonishing pain I passed out when I stood up. It turns out I had fractured my femur. I didn’t know it, at that time, that this is what the docs call a broken hip. I’m grateful I didn’t know it. The pain and torment I went through with this diagnosis and the diagnosis of Idiopathic Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip, a neurological inflammatory disease which apparently caused my leg to break, pretty much did me in.

Then there was the pain. The searing, burning pain which made me pass out twice. And the incontinence which accompanied the pain several times.

I was on crutches and a walker. Then it all passed, due to an orthopedic surgeon telling me my “bones are okay – slight osteoporosis, yes, - but it looks like this could all be coming from another bout of your horrible RSD.”

So, no hip replacement. This floated me in happiness and gratitude for several months and the pain remitted, somewhat.

Then, it happened again. The worst pain ever. I screamed, over and over, just to get out of bed. I knew it had to stop. Something was terribly, terribly wrong.

On May 5, I went for an MRI. Several fractures of the femur, hip and pelvis. A torn ligament in my groin.

I have no idea how this happened. I am 67 years old and I guess it just happened.

Bedrest for months? Really? I don’t see how, but I have done it. Or, at least, I have used aids for walking and staying relatively quiet (for me? ). I have not exercised for 7 months. I have rested and rested and rested. Thank God my work isn’t too strenuous. I have sat as a psychotherapist and done a limited amount of energy medicine sessions. Very workable. And thank God for work.

I have tried not to think of this inflammatory condition which apparently remits on its own after about 12 months.

I have avoided looking at my MRI with the fractures up and down my thighbone.

I have done many, many energy medicine interventions for the pain:

Donna Eden suggested I sedate, strengthen and sedate my SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN. Energy was not traveling up my leg, she said, and could not reach my hip. This helped enormously.

I sedated CIRCULATION SEX MERIDIAN when the pain was severe. As I could not reach my feet, I used my other foot to touch certain points, or I used my crutch.

I did a 3-point hold on TRIPLE WARMER. I stayed out of HOMOLATERAL.

I used MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINT RELEASE, which I have been teaching myself, for the buildup of scar tissue, especially in my groin. This has been amazingly helpful.

And I have taken Ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation, which helps. But mostly lying down helps.

When I went to my surgeon 7 weeks ago he told me he was relatively certain I would need surgery to fuse the bone together. This would mean putting screws and pins in the bone to attach it to the hip. And I was beginning to accept this. I saw the broken bone. The poor, poor broken femur. It had a significant break in the bone near the hip socket, about ¼ inch in width. I could see it would be necessary. It had been almost six months at that point.

My doctor, hearing my protests, (and this dude is the top hip specialist in southern California), told me if I kept very, very quiet I might be able to heal my bone in 4 -5 weeks.

But, let’s face it, it didn’t look promising, even to me. I had been trying to heal this puppy for six months. And who has ever heard of an older woman healing a broken hip without surgery? And my bones were thin. I knew that, although we didn’t discuss that as a reason for the break, mercifully. I had been working on osteoporosis and osteopenia for years. I have come to learn that bones are living tissue, getting stronger and weaker according to many factors as we age. I had been woefully remiss in taking any supplemental Vitamin D or calcium or watching my diet – or doing any energy medicine interventions for my bones. I have been feeling strong – still do – and that had been enough clinical data for me. But…it wasn’t enough. And my bone just broke.

So, I was willing to have surgery. I couldn’t feel like I was a piece of glass and would break if I walked. But then one day I had the most amazing thought: MAGNETS!! I remembered how magnets had mended my broken toe. How they had knit together a friend’s broken clavicle – so much so he had shocked doctors when he arrived later at the hospital – and the bone had started to fuse together after wearing the magnets I put on him for only 5 hours…

So, I put three magnets on my leg. North pole over the break, another north below the break, and a south pole over the break, towards the heart. I spaced each magnet about an inch apart.

I checked, and double- checked my little magnets’ polarities. I did not want to mess up and make things worse by putting north for south and vice versa. The south pole of a magnet disperses and increases energy and can make things grow – like tumors. And this could theoretically also make a broken bone, well, more broken.

The north pole of a magnet pulls energy; it is a contracting force. So, again, north over the break, another north under the break, and another magnet above the break, this time the south pole facing into the body.

We are little force fields. We are electrical fields, and magnets use our own electrical energy as DIRECTED HEALING ENERGY.

These magnets are only about one inch in diameter. They adhere to the body with any skin-sensitive tape available at a pharmacy.

To find the poles of a magnet, you can use any compass. The North is true North. Use finger nail polish and write an “N” on the north side. Then that is the side you will tape to the body. Obviously, the south side will not have the “N” on it.

A better way to ascertain the polarities is to have a friend muscle test you. Place the magnet flat against your head over your left ear. Have your friend test your arm to see if it is weak or strong. If the arm is weak, that side of the magnet is the north side. Turn the magnet over. Now the arm should test strong.

This means that side of the magnet is the south side. Don’t forget to use nail polish to put an N on the correct side.

I left the magnets on for two days, taking them off for three hours each day.

I have to say, I got creeped out, because I started feeling all googly and weird inside my thigh. I felt weird currents and ‘creepings’ occur. I was convinced I had placed the magnets incorrectly.

Then my leg started to hurt. The tug in my groin increased. I was doomed.

Two days ago, I went to the surgeon for an X Ray. I was prepared to schedule surgery.


I AM OVER THE MOON!!! The surgeon gave me an RX for physical therapy three times weekly. I will do exactly as I am told. I will begin exercising again, very slowly, until I build back up. I am eating well again. I am doing my ENERGY ROUTINE every day. I am staying out of HOMOLATERAL. I am working again on KIDNEY meridian for my bones. I am working again on SPLEEN, TRIPLE WARMER, LUNG and on LIVER for my tendon issues.

My left leg is shorter than my right and I am a little gimpy. I will change that also, as I work on my trigger points and scar tissue.

So, I am sold on these $1.79 miracles called magnets. The tape costs a little more. But, do you have any idea how much surgery costs?

I have regained the will to live and the wish to do so. It did indeed leave for awhile with a true dark night of the soul.

But I am back, ready and willing to teach, work, and learn about the miracles of the body and mind.

Dear friends, don’t quit before the miracle. And life is always a miracle, benevolent and kind. Always and all ways. I’m so glad another intervention – something I call “God” occurred, this time as a little magnet - before I could mess things up irreparably. So, here I am!

Tell me your magnet story.

Much love,


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