February, 2024

Mingmen: The Gate of Destiny

This elusive term has been explained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an energy which exists in the sacrum, sometimes over the right kidney.

It is an inexplicable force which holds our vital natal chi – the energy which was given to us when we were born.

TCM states that this chi cannot be increased or replenished. It is sacred and deserves respect. We are told not to deplete ourselves sexually. TCM suggests that women try not to bear so many children and men resist the urge to ejaculate, as this diminishes our vitality. (Yes, it’s old

Since Mingmen is not an organ or energy, very few energy healers and professionals work with usi it. Mostly because we do not know how.

Kenneth S. Cohen, in his book: “The Way of Qigong,” states that Mingmen “improves kidney function, tonifies both development and (the maintenance of) sexual energies (parenthesis mine) and stimulates the body’s ability to absorb vital chi from the universe.”

Kidney function is vital to life. If we have kidney disease, we become very weak. Eventually, we find out that our body is shutting down. Our kidneys represent huge vitality in our bodies, and this includes the adrenal glands, on top of each kidney.
Furthermore, the relationship between the elements of fire and water is expressed in the energy of Mingmen.

When and if I work with this energy, I analyze things this way: since Mingmen is a yang energy and associated with the Element of Fire, I balance the relationship between Fire and Water, since Water represents a yin energy. The techniques I use are the same as I use in most of my sessions in Energy Medicine.

I tonify and disperse energy through meridians which represent Fire, the Heart and Pericardium, or Circulation Sex. I work with Kidney and Bladder which are the energies associated with Water. These are on the Control Cycle of the Five Element Wheel.

Is there an exercise to activate this energy? How do we even know its location?

One exercise I recommend is as follows:

Rub your hands together until they get very hot. Then place both hands on your lower back, focusing on the area of Mingmen. Leave them there while you take about 5 deep breaths.

Repeat this 2-3 times daily.

If you are having kidney trouble, excessive shaking of the head as if there was something in your ear, tinnitus, or dizziness, Mingmen is not only able to stimulate the Kidneys but is also able to open the channel to assist the ascent of Kidney Chi up the spine and into the brain. It is a major un-clogger!

Since we don’t have a picture of this phenomenon called Mingmen, try and visualize this force as you meditate. Feel the energy come up your spine from the 1 st . Chakra and allow it to reach around and warm the belly as well as the sacrum.

You are celebrating an ancient and powerful link to us all and to the Divine. Live a simple life. Respect this energy and don’t squander it.

We are lucky to have bodies which reflect our minds, as well as the Divine Mind.

Love, Gopita

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