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 Layers of Assessments and Corrections Lead to the Primary Cause of Panic Disorder and Associated Ailments

Case Study posted on Donna Eden's website
By: Gopita Katharine Manning

One of Donna's long-time practitioners recently worked with an elderly client who had come to her with a long list of ailments and concerns. She began her work with a brief consultation and intuitive assessment, following up a year later with energy testing and routine energy medicine session techniques. The work in session and the practice undertaken by the client at home ultimately brought tremendous relief to long standing conditions.

Gopita Katharine Manning is an energy medicine practitioner in southern California. In 2009 she met with Shawn Swain, a 73-year-old woman, during a brief consultation at a workshop. Shawn told Gopita at that time she suffered from panic disorder. Gopita had a sense that the condition might be something else, but did not have the opportunity to actually work with Shawn to do any testing until she met with Shawn again the following year.

Shawn describes her condition at that time:
"... Between the time I had first met Gopita in 2009 and now, my health had continued to deteriorate to the point where I was having almost daily full blown panic attacks, complete with dry mouth, inability to get a deep breath, body tremors, PVC'S [premature ventricular contractions], extreme fear and tachycardia. Additionally, I was waking every night around four with rapid heart beats and more fear and panic attacks. In the three months before I had my first appointment with Gopita, I had been in Scripps Emergency twice and once ended up in Grossmont Hospital after having to make my first 911 call. In short, I was falling apart mentally and physically."

Gopita did some preliminary energy assessments and found that Shawn's energies were quite homolateral – an energetic condition that explained Shawn's admission that she had given up on the Daily Energy Routine because she felt the exercises were making her worse. Gopita explained this phenomenon to Shawn, describing how the same thing had happened to her.

Thus, the first order of business was a homolateral correction with the cross-crawl re-patterning exercise. After that Gopita found that Shawn's energies showed a weakness in Spleen and Kidney meridians. Because Spleen feeds Heart on the Meridian Wheel, Gopita spent quite a bit of time flushing and tracing Spleen meridian, holding the strengthening points, and also sedating Triple Warmer, which sits opposite Spleen. She worked Shawn's Kidney meridian the same way. Using the rationale behind the energies of the Five Elements, Gopita reasoned that since Earth controls Water, the work on Spleen (Earth) would benefit Kidney (Water). Fear is the emotion associated with the Water element and Gopita knew that much of the habitual fear state seen in panic disorder derives not from the perception of actual danger, but rather from the habitual physiological 'holding' in the body. So, she anticipated that when those energies released, Shawn's entire being would start to relax. This is indeed what happened.

Once the Kidney and Spleen were better balanced, Gopita did further assessments to discern an even more primary imbalance in Shawn: her ileocecal valve. Ileocecal Valve Syndrome, sometimes called the "Great Mimicker" can throw many organs and glands and emotions off balance. Correcting the open or closed valve will often clear many diseases or illnesses, from gallbladder problems to migraines to hormone imbalance! The energy correction is the same for both an 'open' or 'closed' valve. Gopita completed the correction for this and showed Shawn how to keep her valve balanced on her own.

It does seem to have been the true cause of Shawn's dis-ease. Though she suffered a litany of complaints for years and years, her condition began to improve almost immediately. Gopita did a second session which confirmed that her energies stayed balanced.

(More information on the ileocecal valve can be found on page 281 of Donna's book Energy Medicine. You can also get a preview of that page at -

Shawn has written a testimonial praising Energy Medicine and Gopita's talent as a practitioner. Her comments pertaining to the improvement in her condition are particularly striking: "Over the following month [after the session], I had absolutely no heart arrhythmia, no fears and best of all, no panic attacks. I really just couldn't logically explain it. It was like they were just there one day, before Gopita's treatment and gone the next. And they didn't come back. It now has been over two months since my initial appointment and healing from Gopita and I have yet to have a single panic attack or heart arrhythmia. I am 73 years old and have suffered from these panic attacks since I was in my 20's. They would come and go but they would always be lurking somewhere in the back of my mind. I had come to live in almost constant dread and with a certainty that I would probably never find help.

The past several years, I have noticed how fragmented my mind had become, a part of it always living in fear of another "episode." But now my mind is feeling like it has "come together," I can think more clearly, my hearing has improved and most of all, I feel centered, stable." Gopita adds, "Seeing such great healing and being fortunate enough to facilitate her wellness has been one of the greatest joys I have had as a healer."

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(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)

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