February, 2016

Phil Maffetone

Dear Friends:

Happy February!

Here is another gem from Phil Maffetone, my first (and only) fitness Guru.

I said, a great while ago, that one could be fit, and not be healthy. I have seen it far too often: athletes and “fit” people who are depressed, neurologically imbalanced, out of whack, have lousy interpersonal relationships, and have no spiritual stamina (more about that in my next workshop).

Phil put a heart monitor on me in the 1970’s, long before anyone was talking about aerobic v anaerobic functioning. Since that time, I have employed his 180 method and walked, walked, walked for all these years.

I may be chronologically up there in years, but physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually I am young and flexible. In fact, I am more flexible and more fit and healthy than most people I know. I feel better and better the older I get.

How come?

I really took to heart the Maffetone Method many years ago and have not stopped moving since. Diet plays a large part in wellness, but MOVING CORRECTLY in order to burn fat has been the mainstay of my wellness. And that means I walk every day…not too fast, not too slow…I just MOVE. And it wasn’t easy those years I was sick. But I did it after a while. You can too.

And once you start, don’t stop….

Read Phil’s paper – and join his mailing list. Remember, he trains Olympian athletes and triathletes, so stay sane when you read. But for God’s sake, start walking (and take your pulse – you don’t need a heart monitor!!)

Love, Gopita

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