November, 2023


Five years ago, I taught a workshop on the Kidneys and Vital Chi.

I had thought I would talk about the Body Electric and the phenomenon of piezoelectricity in the

Yin and Yang organs, but delayed this because the bulk of my students were newcomers to the entire concept of Chinese Medicine.

I got a lot of flak – well deserved – because I had advertised the discussion of piezoelectricity yet failed to deliver.

So…in re-reading the most excellent book, the Spark in the Machine by Dr. Daniel Keown, I am reminded of this truth: the human body is electric. Every bit of tissue, fascia, bone, organ, is all handled by electricity.

In fact, Dr. David Feinstein says we are first created as a small battery. This is interesting when you hold it up to the biological evidence that the anus is created first, which then forms a mouth.

I have known for a long time that bone was living tissue, governed by electric charges. I have publicized the healing of a broken hip with magnets.

But the term piezoelectricity? What is it?
In Keown’s book, he describes piezoelectricity as static electricity created by bending a crystal. It is like when a cigarette lighter makes a spark. It is being created in our bodies all the time.

Our bodies manifest two sources of continuous energy: physical and electrical. As Western medicine focuses on the physical, Chinese medicine focuses on the electrical in the form of acupuncture points.

I work with these points in Energy Healing work. I studied Chinese medicine with Michio Kushi and Hermann Aihara for over ten years.

Then, putting it all together with Donna Eden’s incredible work, I affirmed that the bulk of the healing work I did with a client on my table consisted of distributing energy through a clogged meridian. I did this by holding certain acupuncture points.
And this work is facilitated by electrical charges which form these points.

The Electric Heart and Quantum Entanglement

“I felt a spark.”
“It’s totally electric!”
“It’s like we were on fire!”

It’s no secret that our hearts are electromagnetic. But what is scientific – and often not remembered as such – is that people who spend a lot of time together are constantly enjoying an interplay of electromagnetic heart activity which affects another’s electromagnetic heart activity.

Electromagnet forces affect other electromagnetic forces. This is called quantum entanglement, the exact force explained in quantum physics.

When your loved one feels something sad or exciting, the change in your heart energy will travel as electromagnetic impulses as fast as light. It will move out as waves rippling from an epicenter.

It is not Extra-Sensory Perception; it is Electro-quantum Sensory Perception, and it is very real, according to scientists. It is explained in Keown’s book.

This is the Heart that Chinese Medicine talks about. It is the heart of fire, of ELECTRICITY.

And all these electrical forces are organized by “12 inches of power,” called MINGMEN.

Next e-letter let’s talk about this organized chaos called Mingmen, which lives over the right kidney, never understood, or explained, or even acknowledged by Western Medicine.

But Chinese medicine gives this inexplicable force the title “The gate of vitality.” This unseen force is electrical. It is powerful.

So, next e-letter, let’s explore piezoelectricity and MINGMEN.

Intriguing, eh? I hope so!

Love, Gopita

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