January, 2024


Every now and then something will spill out of my mouth worth remembering.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend about prayer. I don’t know why prayer works, but it does.

I get that there is no external God to implore, per se, but I also get there is something so luminous, so trustworthy, within us, that we can go to it and pray to it.

So, here is what I said to my friend who was frustrated because certain tendencies had not changed. She had done everything. I pointed out to her that she was working too hard, and that perhaps she might try prayer because:

The repetition of intention through prayer creates change.

And sometimes we are unable to pray. This is, as Thomas Merton said,

“True prayer is possible when prayer has become impossible, and the heart has turned to stone.”

Do it all the time and watch your life, and your experience of life, change. Just talk out loud to something. Do it daily. Do it while you cook, bathe, sit on the crapper, get dressed. Do it informally or formally, on your knees.

But do it.


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