November, 2016

Remedies for Your Kidneys, Part I

Dear Friends:

Our Workshop, “Bad Bones, Bad Choices, Bad Kidneys”, on November 13, was a great success. It was completely full – at least for the small venue we held in La Crescenta!

As promised, here is the first list of remedies for your kidneys.

Next month, another sure-fire helper!

Love, Gopita


Walk barefoot in morning grass. This stimulates the kidney meridian, which begins on the bottom of the foot. This does a great deal to alleviate congestion also in LIVER and will clear up eye problems if done consistently. Do this for at least five-ten minutes, if possible.
Do a 3 Point Hold on KIDNEY MERIDIAN. This will be demonstrated in class, and you can always watch my video, SEDATING KIDNEY MERIDIAN so that you can do it for yourself. It is better to have someone do it for you, but it is essential to do it daily, so no matter how you do it, do it! This is done by first SEDATING THE POINTS as demonstrated, which disperses energy from KIDNEY TO LIVER and will take care of any so-called clogs, then tapping the first STRENGTHENING points, which wakes up the energy. Then you will hold the CONTROL points for one minute, which are the same for both Sedating and Strengthening. This will be demonstrated and charts will be handed out in class.
Do a SPINAL FLUSH on one another every day. Each organ and meridian attaches to the spine. If you live alone, please do as many NEUROLYMPHATIC REFLEX POINTS as possible on the front of the body. It would be good to review my video “Gopita Katharine Manning demonstrates the Neurolymphatic Reflex Points” for a review of how to massage these points. This is essential for moving lymphatic fluid throughout the entire body and I recommend that everyone watch this video for a review as we will not have time in class for this review today.
Take a salt bath every day for 30 days. This is one of the most essential remedies for your kidneys which exist. This is regular salt: sodium chloride. The kidneys have a chance to “rest” as you soak in a salt solution of about 2 cups salt to a regular bathtub of water. Use inexpensive salt – like salt you would use for your driveway if it snowed, or water softener salt. Cover your chest and use any temperature water you like. This is as beneficial as bathing in the ocean each day. IT WILL HELP ALKALIZE YOUR BLOOD AFTER AWHILE.
Eat alkaline based foods. Make sure your foods are whole foods, and that you chew. Avoid sugar, white flour, dairy products, carbonated beverages and do not drink too many fluids. I know this is contradictory to the rage of drinking tons of water, but since the kidneys are filtering organs, if they have too much work to do, they can become tired.

And finally, and probably most importantly, the chemistry of your blood will eventually change if you can learn to breathe properly. I will review this in class. Breathing deeply into your belly and focusing particularly on the OUTBREATH will do more for every system in your body than almost any of the above remedies. This can surely be attested to by many of the participants in this class today. If your blood becomes too acidic by over-oxygenating (hyperventilating), you will eventually become stressed and an entire cascade of adrenal hormones could be released by the kidneys and adrenal glands, and the horror show begins. All because of breathing!! Shallow breathing has become epidemic. This is something that is very much in your control.

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