October 2015

Sedating & Strengthening the Kidney Meridian

Dear Energy Medicine Friends:

Happy Hot October!! This weather is brutal for our health, being part of a climactic "Pernicious Evil", as Traditional Chinese Medicine calls it.

What can we do? WALK BAREFOOT EARLY IN THE MORNING ON DEW COVERED GRASS. This stimulates the Kidney Meridian and is excellent for Stagnant Liver Chi and for our general health. In fact, when all else fails, we are told to always work on the Kidney Meridian. First and last, the Kidney Meridian is our vital and natal chi – it is our essence.

Walking barefoot on wet grass stimulates the entire meridian. It has been so hot and dry recently I have actually used a hose at 6:30 a.m. to wet grass which has already dried!

What else works? SEDATING AND STRENGTHENING THE KIDNEY MERIDIAN, OR DOING A "3-POINT HOLD." Many of you took my class in this about 6 years ago in my Pasadena Office: "Sedate? Strengthen? What to do? What to Do? O Those Pesky Points!!" We learned how to employ sedating and strengthening points on Kidney Meridian.

Here is a link to my video on the KIDNEY MERIDIAN:

Pay attention and do this daily during this time of so much change in our climate. It should help enormously…

Happy, hot October. Take care of your Kidney Chi, and take care of your vitality…. even in the heat!

Love, Gopita

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