April, 2019

Subduing the Ego and Listening to the Voice of Spirit

Dear Energy Medicine Friends,

As most of you know, I make my living as a psychotherapist and energy medicine healer. I also have certifications and training in The Work of Byron Katie, nutrition, macrobiotics, kinesiology and as a spiritual teacher. I have spent the last 28 years doing what I love.

What I love most is trusting my skills in each practice; combining what I intuit with what I have beentaught; combining theory with spirit, technique with God. Practicing this takes a brave mind, and an even braver heart.

This ability to move past the small self, allowing the large Self to work, is something very difficult to teach. It is something which requires a certain integrity and humility, yet once identified as such, can become arrogant and seemingly egotistical.

I have worked with and taught advanced practitioners and psychotherapists along these lines, calling this ability “Subduing the Ego and listening to the Voice of Spirit.” Identifying the technique in this way allows it to be talked about in a somewhat objective way.

When I was considering teaching another workshop in 2019, this idea of trusting the voice of God in one’s work kept coming up in my consciousness.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think? How does this manifest in your life, in your work?

(You don’t have to be a healer. A good way to check your spiritual understanding is this: Notice your understanding around money. Do you worry? Do you think you need more? Compared to what? Truly go inside and answer that. Have you ever stopped to really consider your employer? Where does your paycheck come from? If you answered anything other than God, you may want to work on your understanding…And if you said to yourself, “yeah, I know, I know...I get all that. Everything is fine. I understand that “God is my paycheck,” you may want to work on pretending yourself past your own evolution😊

Watch for the announcement for this Workshop: Subduing the Ego and Listening to the Voice of Spirit.

And for another Workshop - on Energy Medicine- coming soon!

Love, Gopita

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