May/June, 2022

The Great Mimicker

The Great Mimicker Mimics Again and Again and Again…

The ILLEOCECAL VALVE is a valve located between the large and small intestine. It is sometimes called “the Great Mimicker” because it mimics so many conditions and confuses practitioners, both medical and alternative. It can sometimes become inflamed and clogged, which can cause severe lower right-side quadrant pain. It can cause severe “GERD.” It can cause heart murmurs. It can cause joint pain. It causes bloat, constipation and gas. Kinesiology and energy medicine call this ILLEOCECAL VALVE SYNDROME. While not an actual medical condition, those of us who suffer know our suffering is real.

For many years I have suffered with this condition, which feels like a razor blade in my right slide. It stabs and feels like it is slicing sensitive tissue from time to time. I never know what will trigger it.

It began in the late 90’s when I ate some popcorn, which culminated with me in my friend’s car, screaming, and she took me to the hospital, where a perfectly healthy appendix was removed. I was to learn this was not uncommon.

I also suffer from the other miseries from time to time: Bloat, gas, GERD, joint pain, foggy brain…

Over the years I have learned to ameliorate the pain and lessen it considerably with techniques I have learned and developed from Energy Medicine. Thank you, dear Donna!

Because of this training, I now teach many ways to correct a “closed” or “open” valve. These work quite well.

Because the valve works as a spigot between the large and small intestine, the faucet can become “stuck.” If stuck “closed”, toxins build up in the small intestine (GERD is an example of what happens here) and cannot be released effectively down into the large intestine to be eliminated. If “open”, a panoply of symptoms can develop, equally alarming.

My newest, and recently most effective, correction is as follows:

I lie on my back,

I find the valve by placing my small finger of my right hand on my hip bone, my left thumb in my bellybutton, and lay my hands flat.

Where my fingers meet, I will pull up toward my left shoulder and massage deeply for 2-3 minutes. I sometimes use a tennis ball.

I also move my right ankle slowly, left to right, left to right. (I am opening and closing the valve. Turning it open and then closing it.)

This works!

Recently, however, my pain was returning, and I dreaded eating. Plus, having never passed the stage of adolescence, I loved my farts and burps, but this was ridiculous! I was truly congested, and it was concerning me.

One day, as the pain was severe and increasing, I started meditating. Something jumped before my closed eyes. It was the memory of an article which I had read many years previous. It suggested placing an ice pack over the valve for 20 minutes for pain.


The return of clarity of thought was remarkable. My brain fog literally disappeared. My eyesight improved. My balance returned.

My mood improved. I felt naturally optimistic, not having to force myself into acting that way.

In a Pilates class that afternoon I was stronger than I had ever been. Furthermore, I was incredibly delighted that I could stand on one leg and extend the other in front of me without support. This had not happened in a long time.

I am without pain several weeks later as I write this. I know this is only the beginning of maintaining a healthy gut:

It also consists of the following:

Eliminating negative thinking,

Eliminating sugar and caffeine or decreasing it as much as possible.

Nuts and seeds must be eliminated altogether,

Stopping gossip before it begins, which means I DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR JUICY STORIES EITHER☹

Writing down my stressful thoughts, asking 4 questions, turning them around (I can do the Work of Byron Katie with anyone interested),

Because, my God, the freedom I have found in owning my projections!

So, it really can be this simple to become friends with your Enteric Nervous system (Gut). Try these simple corrections above and watch as:

Your vagus nerve purrs…

Your gut sings…

And you – whatever the “you” is that identifies as that pronoun – can look out of a window and be lost in a mental comfort only describable as freedom.


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