November, 2020

The Incredible Healing - and Destructive - Power of Sound

It astonishes and concerns me how some people seem to be clueless about the harm being done to them through sound.

I was getting my hair done in a salon in Pasadena before COVID. The music being played in this upscale place was so offensive to me I eventually left – not because I was unsatisfied with my hair – but because I knew that harm – actual harm – was being rendered to my nervous system.

And it was harming everyone’s nervous system.

The sound, which truly was not all that bad compared to some places, was affecting customers and workers alike; their ability to think and feel and to be kind and peaceful.

So, I left. I went to a place on the West Side. They played no music at all. Not only did my hair look wonderful, I felt uplifted and peaceful when I left.

What has happened to us? Well, I can tell you.

Raise your hand. Though inaudible to everyday senses, the energy raised by the hand traveling through space sounds a note. And this note can be harmful in some cases. Extremely low infrasonic frequencies can collapse internal organs; ultrasonic frequencies can decalcify bones. *

Of course, healing may also occur. It can be quite profound. Sound therapy as a healing modality has taken off in the last ten years as truly effective. Crystal bowls, toning, chanting; all of these are healing methods using sound as the instrument of healing.

One of the most important issues in relation to sound is that of resonance, which occurs when one object, vibrating at its own frequency and speed, begins to vibrate at the same rate as another.

When multiple systems vibrate or resonate together, it is called entrainment. When the body entrains to positive emotions or thoughts, like love, hope, truth, kindness, overall health improves.

This has become common knowledge. The power of positive thinking, etc.

(So why are young people listening to such discordant, cacophonous sound?
 That, I want to ask them.
WTF? Why? Why would anyone do that to themselves, other than a sincere desire to hurt themselves?)

A sympathetic vibration is one that suits the living being that is in its range. In effect it is not produced by intensity – such as loudness – but by pitch. The inaudible humming of a fluorescent light or the thought of a person sitting nearby – or even a thousand miles away but connected through the quantum field – can disturb a living being’s vibratory rates and therefore, individual energy fields.

I was told – and only told this – so I cannot provide a source for this information – that individuals living near a computer “farm” eventually become psychotic.

The reason should be obvious. Though perhaps inaudible, the constant humming of the modems, in these huge quantities (enough to be called a “farm”) work overtime on the sensitive neurons of the brain.

I lived in New York City for over twenty years. When my husband and I scrambled to grab everything – family, dogs, cats, laundry, etc. – to get away each weekend to our country cabin in the Berkshires, what screamed at us at first was the SILENCE.

It took about one hour to stop shaking, a discharge from our nervous systems from the almost intolerable noise of the city to the shocking silence of 3,000 acres in the beauty of the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts.

Our eyes became brighter. We smiled more. We were kinder, more agreeable. Our appetites were more robust.

It was the silence. It was the kindness of the silence each day, every day, each night, every night, which even the crying of our baby and the barking of our dogs could not disturb.

My dear friends, it is so very important to turn off your noise. Have the courage to have no music in your home, save for melodious, classical music. Turn off the muzack in your shops and offices. Trust that people will hold on the phone while they listen to “nothing.”

It will take a long time to heal our nervous systems. But, if we wait, we wait forever.

Love, Gopita

*There is an enormous quantity of research on sound and healing and vibrational healing, as well as on the harmful effects of sound.

The article I refer to on infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies and harmfulness is from Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal 17, (1992) “Detection of Extraordinary Large Bio-Magnetic Field Strength from Human Hand During External Qi Emission,” Seto, Nakazato, et al.

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