January, 2020

Upcoming Workshops

Dear Friends,

In deciding what Workshops to offer, if any, this year, it became abundantly clear that I wanted to go deeper in teaching people to meditate.

People, it seems, often give up. People tell me that the hard part for them is to maintain the practice once it is started. Easy to start, difficult to maintain.

So, perhaps we might study the idea of meditation and practice a bit more deeply? Perhaps we might go through a 10 or 30-Day Practice Period together?

Meditation is as close as your breath. In fact, Kabir says,

Student, tell me, what
        is God?
He is the breath within
        the breath

It is truly difficult to meditate by oneself. It takes courage and discipline to establish a practice alone. It is much easier to have a teacher, or to meditate in a group on a weekly basis and then take the rasa, or juice, home to one’s practice, and then return for more sips from the well of group shakti once again.

If the student is disciplined, then why not organize a group of seekers to begin?

The gift of meditation is stability, a clear mind, emotional balance, better health, less stress, and……

…….. you may surprise yourself with an experience of the subtle realms existing inside you which will, quite literally, blow your mind.

I call this God.

Love, Gopita

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