February, 2024

We are the World

“There’s a choice we’re making,
We’re saving our own lives,
It’s true we make a better day,
Just you and me.”

There is a new documentary on Netflix called “The Greatest Night in Pop”. I urge you to see it.

It is the movie made about the momentous recording in 1985, called “We are the World,” when about two dozen of the world’s most famous singers and artists got together, and made a song to assist the impoverished nation of Ethiopia.

I watched the documentary with tears streaming down my face. Each artist talked about the only chance the world had was in offering service, in having compassion for others.

So, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Dianna Ross, Cyndie Lauper, Kenny Loggins, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, and at least a dozen others sang their hearts out to the beautiful song written by Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson, about being one with the world.

When Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Harry Belafonte, Michael Jackson, and Kenny Loggins
opened their mouths to sing, God came out.

For the first time in many months, I felt hope.

We can do it again. We can come together to offer compassion and mercy to others. We can remind ourselves, like Anne Frank proclaimed, even as the Nazis were coming to kill her and her family, “I still believe that people are good at heart.”

We cannot let the despots and monsters take over our world. The only antidote to evil is love. Love is the greatest force there is.

Today, I prayed to God to ask what I could do. Please, don’t get cynical like I was. And cynicism led me to inaction and armchair preaching.

The ancient scriptures from Kashmir Shaivism talk about something called Kali Yuga. It means the “the dark ages.” These were scriptures taken from the Spanda Karika’s, written by great sages over 5,000 years ago.

These scriptures say, in a literal translation: “In the 20 th Century, hairstyles will mean more than God.”

The scriptures go on to say that the only choice we have is to keep God in our own hearts. Not to proclaim from the big stage, like the unfortunate few who populate the media right now. We are to go inside, to meditate, to pray. And of course, we are to offer service.

I have learned that any question I ask about the outcome will lead me to chasing my own tail.

As my Guru says: Have faith. Everything is all right.

Love, Gopita

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