October, 2016

Your Liver and Kidneys: Two Organs and Energies Working Together

Dear Friends:

Happy Halloween! I sat down and wrote this E-Letter last night after observing about a dozen people at a party – their facial features and organic strengths and weaknesses – and want to tell you about:

Your LIVER and KIDNEYS: Two Organs and Energies Working Together:

These two organs/energies work together to maintain homeostasis, a perfect balance which keeps your blood alkaline and your immunity strong.

The liver is the largest gland in the human body. It is essential for the production of bile and plasma, the function of storing glycogen, the excretion of waste substances in the bile, and the detoxification or neutralization of harmful substances which enter the body via the blood, skin, sex organs, etc.

In Chinese medicine and Five Element theory, the LIVER represents spring and the KIDNEYS represent winter. These two organs work together and help each other; the liver cleaning out poisons from the outside and the kidneys filtering blood from the inside.

Your KIDNEYS are responsible for filtering your blood and for the maintenance and quality of INTERCELLULAR and EXTRACELLULAR fluid around your cells. This maintains fluid balance in your body as a perfect homeostasis of about pH 7.4, which is slightly alkaline.

__________________What happens when you over-indulge?____________________

When you overeat carbohydrates, eat sugar or drink too much alcohol, your liver may become congested. When you drink too many liquids, your kidneys may become fatigued and overworked. If you do both, you may affect both organs in a potentially deleterious way. If you drink carbonated beverages, you are doing real potential harm, because you are destroying the alkaline minerals in your blood, causing your kidneys to ‘go mining.’

And when you worry, you are causing potential damage to your organs and energies BIG TIME!!

When there is too much acid in the blood, the BUFFER SYSTEM is engaged and the kidneys help the body go “mining” for alkaline minerals to neutralize the acidity.

If this happens too often, illness occurs. Fatigue, loss of libido, loss of immunity, and most importantly, LOSS OF BRAIN POWER AND WILL POWER occur.

It is essential to maintain health in our LIVER AND KIDNEYS. This is impossible to do with pills, “cleanses,” fasts, or supplements.

A healthy lifestyle, good whole foods nutrition and an understanding of balance, yin and yang and acid and alkaline will help one go a long way in taking care of two of the most important organs and energies in the human body.

Next month I will list six remedies for taking care of the KIDNEYS and kidney energy. And don’t forget the Workshop on the Kidneys on November 13!

Love, Gopita

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